David L. Wood has over 45 years of experience in the fields of forest and wood products entomology with a B.S. degree in forestry (Syracuse University 1952) and a Ph.D. in entomology (University of California, Berkeley 1960). He was a Professor of Entomology at UC-Berkeley (1970-1994) and is currently a Professor Emeritus and a Professor of the Graduate Division at the same institution. He has also served as Chair of Entomology (1985-1990) and as Associate Dean in the Graduate Division (1983-1985).


College of Environmental Science and Forestry at Syracuse University
Forestry | 1952 | B.S.

Entomology | 1960 | Ph.D.


American Association for the Advancement of Science
American Institute of Biological Sciences
Entomological Society of America
Entomological Society of Canada
International Society of Chemical Ecology
Society of American Foresters
Sigma Xi
Professional Forester – Licensed in the State of California


Assistant Professor of Entomology, 1960 – 1966
Associate Professor of Entomology, 1966 -1970
Professor of Entomology, 1970 to present
Associate Dean, Graduate Division, 1983 – 1985
Chairman, Dept. of Entomological Sciences, 1985 – 1990
Chairman, Dept. of Conservation and Resource Studies, 1991 – 1993
Professor of the Graduate School, 1994 to present


Biology of bark beetles (Scolytidae)
Insect host selection behavior
Insect pheromones
Use of behavior-modifying chemicals in forest pest management
Forest entomology
Insect/fungal/tree interactions
Chemical ecology of termites
Insect pests of wood-in-service


  • Numerous invited lectures at national and international meetings
  • Reviewer for NSF, USDA. Consultant to technical review panel, USDA-Forest Service, Expanded Southern Pine Beetle Research and Applications Program
  • Advisor to Swedish Council for Planning and Coordination of Research
  • Panel member for USDA Competitive Grants Program, 1985, 1991; Panel Manager, 1995
  • Member, Editorial Board, Journal of Chemical Ecology, 1975-1998
  • President, Berkeley Chapter, Sigma Xi, 1999-2000
  • Program Chairman, California Forest Pest Council, Annual Meeting, 2000


  • Member of Sigma Xi
  • Silver Medal, Swedish Council for Forestry and Agricultural Research, 1983
  • Elected Fellow of the Entomological Society of Canada, 1985
  • Founders Memorial Award Lecturer for Annual Meeting of the Entomological Society of America, Reno, Nevada, Dec., 1986
  • Founders Award – Western Forest Insect Work Conference, Penticton, British Columbia – March, 1992
  • Conference Honor – “The Future of Hormones and Pheromones for Landscape Horticulture” – Cooperative Extension, U. C., Berkeley, CA, February, 1995
  • Berkeley Citation – May, 1995
  • Elected Fellow of the Entomological Society of America, 1998
  • Silver Medal, Intl. Society of Chemical Ecology, July, 2001
  • Northern California Society of American Foresters – Golden Membership Certificate (50 year member), January, 2003
  • Illustrious Alumni Award – SUNY College of Environmental Science & Forestry, Faculty of Environmental & Forest Biology April 10, 2003


  • Pitch Canker: Pathogen/Insect/Tree Interactions (with Professor Thomas R. Gordon, UCD, Professors P. Bonello and Daniel A. Herms, The Ohio State University and Professor Andrew J. Storer, Michigan Technological University)
  • Sudden Oak Death: 1) progression of symptoms; 2) impact on oak woodlands; and 3) the role of insects (with Dr. Richard B. Standiford, Dr. N. Maggie Kelly, UCCE; Professor Gregory S. Biging, UCB; Professor P. Bonello, The Ohio State University; and Professor David M. Rizzo, UCD)
  • Influence of fire and mechanical treatments on insects and diseases of the mixed conifer forests of the western Sierra Nevada (with Professor Scott Stephens, UCB and Professor Andrew J. Storer, MTU)
  • Evaluating new techniques for application of anti-aggregation pheromones for protecting conifers from attacks by bark beetles in the western US (with Dr. Nancy E. Gillette, Pacific SW Research Station, USDA, FS)