Lectured in many forums such as, UC Cooperative Extension, Pesticide Applicator’s Professional Association, California Forest Pest Council, Western Forest Insect Work Conference, Western Forestry Association, Entomological Society of America, International Society for Chemical Ecology on such topics as pitch canker, sudden oak death, biology and control of bark beetles, wood-boring beetles in the urban landscape, chemical ecology of bark beetles, and recognizing symptoms of injury caused by forest insects.

Retained as an expert and testified at trial for the defendant in a criminal case involving ants crawling on the victim’s body.

Prepared expert testimony and analyses in preparation for litigation on four cases in which major wildfires were started by fallen trees, three of which were infested with bark beetles. Retained by the defendant in three and by the plaintiff in one of these cases.

Retained by a large land owner in Colorado to develop a management plan for a lodgepole pine forest infested with the mountain pine beetle.

Retained by a consulting firm to produce a hazard tree identification program for The Utility Arborists Association.

Expert testimony for the defendant at trial in litigation with the Office of the CA Attorney General over a violation of the CA Forest Practices Act. At issue was whether or not trees were infested with bark beetles when they were harvested.